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Self-adhesive security seal 100x20 mm red

Self-adhesive security seal with VOID effect

CodePrice without VATVAT (%)price with VATUMMIN. AMOUNT
CodeEtiketa 100x20 from 100 pcsPrice without VAT0.16 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.19 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT100
CodeEtiketa 100x20 from 500 pcsPrice without VAT0.13 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.16 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT500
CodeEtiketa 100x20 from 1 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.12 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.15 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT1000
CodeEtiketa 100x20 from 5 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.11 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.13 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT5000

Only multiples can be ordered: 100

You can order at least: 100

Printing (required data):

Technical details
Material: polyester
Material thickness: 0,045 mm
Execution: non-transfer (does not leave residues on a secure surface)
Colour: red
Colour printing: black
VOID effect
Identifies attempted unauthorized manipulation
Applicable to all surfaces (metal, plastic, paper, glass)
Resistant to temperature and chemical influences
With eight-digit numerical series

If you are interested in any other size or color of the security sticker or your own print, please contact us Sales Department.

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