EUROSEAL® company has been a manufacturer and supplier of security products for 20 years. Over that time there were developed own technically advanced products that meet the highest requirements for security of modern days.

All the EUROSEAL® seals have unique designs and sophisticated security solutions that prevent tampering efforts. The quality nad security of the products is further underlined by the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic which successfully approved the EUROSEAL® seals for use in road and rail transport.

EUROSEAL® constantly works on developing new products and actively seeks innovative solutions of customers needs. Since company establishment we maintain databases of individual customer's marking and thereby guarantee the uniqueness of each one manufactured seal.

To provide higher quality assurance the company implemented and operates Quality Management System certified to comply with ISO 9001:2015 and Information Security System certified to comply with ISO 27001:2013.

Presently the EUROSEAL® seals are being sold worldwide in more than 30 countries. The company has agent offices in Slovak Republic and Hungary.




Majakovského 651/13
460 06 Liberec
Czech Republic

Phone.: (+420) 486 142 036-8
Fax: (+420) 486 142 060
Email: euroseal@euroseal.cz


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