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Plastic seal ES 17

Plastic pull tight seal
For application to small gaps

CodePrice without VATVAT (%)price with VATUMMIN. AMOUNT
CodeES 17 from 100 pcsPrice without VAT0.16 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.19 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT100
CodeES 17 from 1 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.12 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.15 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT1000
CodeES 17 from 2 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.11 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.13 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT2000
CodeES 17 from 5 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.10 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.12 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT5000

Only multiples can be ordered: 100

You can order at least: 100

Colour (required data):

Technical details
Kind of seal: retractable
Security level: indicative
Seal material: PP-polypropylene
Material of the collet: metal collet
Tensile strength: 60 N (6 Kg)
Tensile strength against collet: 35 N (3,5 Kg)
Temperature range: -40o C to +50o C
Total length: 340 mm
Working length: 280 mm
Min. diameter hole application: 1.4 mm
Technology: laser
Standard marking: ascending numerical series
Possibility of individualization: yes
Text: yes
Logo: yes
Numerical series: yes
Barcode / qr: yes
Note: description area: 13x25 mm
Standard color of seal: white, yellow, blue
Standard color of marking: black
Method of application: hand-operated, without tools
Removal method: hand-operated / simple cutting tool
Standard packaging: 5 pcs in block, 20 block pcs in and PE bag
Circuit breakers, electricity meters, grids, hand tools, transport boxes, ATM cassettes, various closures, checkpoints, screws, flanges, valves, bags.
Plastic seal ES 17 - drawing

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