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Plastic seal ES 15

Plastic pull tight seal
For application to small gaps

CodePrice without VATVAT (%)price with VATUMMIN. AMOUNT
CodeES 15 from 100 pcsPrice without VAT0.15 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.18 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT100
CodeES 15 from 1 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.11 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.13 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT1000
CodeES 15 from 2 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.10 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.12 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT2000
CodeES 15 from 5 000 pcsPrice without VAT0.09 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT0.11 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT5000

Only multiples can be ordered: 100

You can order at least: 100

Colour (required data):

Technical details
Kind of seal: retractable
Security level: indicative
Seal material: PP-polypropylene
Material of the collet: metal collet
Tensile strength: 60 N (6 Kg)
Tensile strength against collet: 35 N (3,5 Kg)
Temperature range: -40o C to +50o C
Total length: 180 mm
Working length: 156 mm
Min. diameter hole application: 1.4 mm
Technology: laser
Standard marking: ascending numerical series
Possibility of individualization: yes
Text: 8 characters
Logo: yes
Numerical series: yes
Barcode / qr: yes
Note: description area: 13x16 mm
Standard color of seal: white, yellow, blue, orange, grey
Standard color of marking: black
Method of application: hand-operated, without tools
Removal method: hand-operated / simple cutting tool
Standard packaging: 10 pcs in block, 10 blocks in a PE bag, 10 000 pcs seals in carton
Weight of the box: 11 kg
Circuit breakers, electricity meters, grids, hand tools, transport boxes, fire extinguishers, various closures, checkpoints, flanges, valves, bags.
Plastic seal ES 15 - drawing

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