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Metal bolt seal 79T06

Metal security bolt seal. Certificated by ISO/PASS 17712 as „high security seal – marking "H".

CodePrice without VATVAT (%)price with VATUMMIN. AMOUNT
Code79T06 from 50 pcsPrice without VAT1.56 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.89 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT50
Code79T06 from 100 pcsPrice without VAT1.44 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.74 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT100
Code79T06 from 200 pcsPrice without VAT1.32 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.60 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT200
Code79T06 from 400 pcsPrice without VAT1.24 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.50 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT400
Code79T06 from 600 pcsPrice without VAT1.12 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.36 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT600
Code79T06 from 1 000 pcsPrice without VAT1.04 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.26 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT1000

You can order at least: 50

Minimum order quantity: 50 pcs

Patented design allows wide use, seal can be easily applied to containers and trucks. Plomba meets US Customs requirements to secure US-based containers. Without the security of the container required and approved by the shutter, the shipment will be verified by the US customs authority and the cost of the check will be debited by the shipper.



The ONESEAL type 79-T06 is made of metal. Inside the mandrel is a steel wire O 5 mm, so the seal is flexible and very durable. The upper part of the mandrel is plasticized and marked with the letter "H" indicating High Security Seal. Standard color is black.

The shutter is made of metal and a non-flammable, durable plastic cover. The standard color is red with a black hat.
Box of 100 pieces.
Seals are accepted and approved by customs authorities worldwide, including US Customs (USA), HM Customs (UK), German Customs and Customs Administration of Taiwan.
The seals are approved by ČD rail transport regulation - directive H32 / 43-44 / 2007.
ISO / PAS 17712

Seals comply with ISO / PAS 17712 and are certified as "High Security Seals" and are in compliance with C-TPAT.

Seals can only be removed by lever shears or a similar tool.

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