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Cable seal PTW5

Cable seal for security of truck vehicles. Wire diameter 5 mm

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CodePTW 5 from 50 pcsPrice without VAT1.80 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT2.18 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT50
CodePTW 5 from 500 pcsPrice without VAT1.60 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.94 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT500
CodePTW 5 from 1 000 pcsPrice without VAT1.52 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.84 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT1000
CodePTW 5 from 3 000 pcsPrice without VAT1.44 EURVAT (%)21.00price with VAT1.74 EURUMpcsMIN. AMOUNT3000

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Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces.

Oneseal PTW 5 mm is the ideal cable seal for use in a variety of locations. Typical areas of use include various valves, shutters, tank closures, cargo spaces, wagons, hazardous waste receptacles, gates, various gauges and barrels.

Technical details
Rope: The glazed steel wire has a diameter of 5 mm and breaks when cut. The metal body of the seal is provided with a non-flammable impact with a resilient plastic with a transparent cover protecting the seal against unauthorized manipulation. The strand is marked with both print and markings at both ends, so any manipulation is evident.
The body of the seal: The sealing body is made of metal, which is further protected by a durable plastic cover. The seal is labeled with a laser.

Seals are accepted and approved by customs authorities worldwide, including US Customs (USA), HM Customs (UK), German Customs and Customs Administration of Taiwan.

Seals in blue color are approved by ČD Rail Code - H32 / 43-44 / 2007.

Seals comply with ISO / PAS 17712 and are certified as "High Security Seals" and are in compliance with C-TPAT.

Application and removal
The seal is closed manually, without the use of other tools. The seam can only be removed by lever shears or a similar tool.

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