The use of plastic security seals is very versatile and most importandly simple. The design, materials and easy locking mechanism allow for easy handling and application. There is no need to use any pliers or other tools. The product range offers a large choice of colors, types, lengths and marking. All seals can be individualized as to the custumers' requirements.  So nearly all possible applications can be covered by the EUROSEAL product range. 

The seal marking is performed with the respect to the intended application of the seal. The choice includes hot stamping,, laser engraving, thermo printing or ink jet printing. To guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, our specialists are prepared to give you advice concerning the right type of seal and appropriate marking. For consultation, please call  +420 486 142 036. The material used for production of the seals is HDPE, PP or PA. 






Metal seals find their application wherever there is a need to ensure a higher level of security. In the field of container transport we offer 2 types of container seals - 79-T06 and ES99. These seals are made of high quality steel, which provides high resistance to attempts at manipulation. These bolt seals have been approved by the customs authorities all over the world, incl. all EU member states and the USA. The seals are certified according to ISO/PAS 17712 as High Security Seals.

The next type of seal in this category is a cable seal. The body of PTW seal is made of metal covered in fire- and impact-resistance plastic case. The seal is closed with a steel wire, which is in case of seal PT 1.5 and PTW 2.5, covered in plastic coating of square profile to prevent cable rotation inside the closing machanism. The body of cable seal type ES is made of aluminium. The seal is closed with a steel cable. These seals are also approved by customs authorities worldwide. Seal PTW 5 has parameters complying with the ISO/PAS 17712 in category of high security seals. Other types of cable seals in category of security seals.

To ensure truck shipments we recommend simple seal with more than century-old tradition well-known as BALL SEAL. This seal is made of coated steel tail and has a simple but very reliable locking mechanism, composed of two rings placed inside a closed security case, which ensures a high level of security.




Security envelopes DEBASAFE produced by DEBATIN German company, is one of the best that the world market offers. Security bags are made from high quality LDPE film with optional power 50-120 microns. Safety features used to prevent unauthorized opening and resealing are top quality and the degree of protection against opening depends on the used protective tape.

Unauthorized attempt to open the envelope is visually indicated. Refrigeration, solvents and mechanical opening experiments appear reliable.


Using envelopes is quick and easy. No need to use glue or other tools. Used material has excellent properties, is water resistant and can be described by ballpoint pen or marker without difficulties.


Envelopes will find their place in the banking sector, exchange offices, restaurants, medicine, laboratories, are also an excellent solution for e-shops that use their properties to protect the contents of their shipments. All envelopes are of course accepted by the Czech Post and other shipping companies. Price of DEBASAFE envelopes is comparable to other commonly used shipping case/containers.


The standard production, which is available on the stock, is delivered with a uniform printing, numbering, bar code, with sender and addressee field and 3 receips. On request more functional accessories, such as special pocket for tickets, receipts, handles, etc. can be added. It is possible to select size of envelope, type of security level, printing and marking.




Self-adhesive security seal is the most interesting product in the portfolio of EUROSEAL products. It´s unique product with a wide range of security features, which realiably detect any attempts of tampering, either mechanically or by heat or chemicals.


Our self-adhesive security seal is made from destructive PET material, which sensitivity is increased by security microperforation. High security OVD provides protection by application of holographic stripe with security themes in the visible adn the inspection regime.





For the proper functioning of some of our security seals it is necessary to use sealing accesories. Our product range offers plastic clamps DN for sealing of water and gas meters that are used together with seal PL 95/12W. Sealing wire D100 for using with seal PL 95/12. Finally extension tie for use with metal Ball Seal which enables to secure more points by one security seal.




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