Information about cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. It is stored by a web browser at the request of the individual websites you are viewing. Web sites may request the contents of the file. According to him, they will know which pages you have previously visited, whether you have something in the basket or if you are logged in. Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of most larger sites on the Internet.

What types of files we use

We can look at cookies in an internet presentation according to their validity or purpose.


  • Short-term cookies - valid for your visit, and a few minutes after leaving the Euroseal site, they expire. They help basic business functions.
  • Long-term cookies - they are valid for several days or months. They make it easier to set up a store when you get back, help with signing in or with a reminder of a menu on other sites' advertising space.


  • Key (functional) cookies - without them, the business will not work properly. For example, you may lose your cart content or will not be able to stay signed in.
  • Analytical - allow you to track site traffic and use various features. According to them, we try to improve the presentation so that users are more satisfied with it.
  • Tracing and Remarketing - Help us optimize your customer offer and reach them in the advertising space on other websites.
  • Conversion - Used to evaluate how advertising works and the different ways users get on our site.

Disable saving cookies

Common internet browsers allow cookies to be disabled in their settings. See your browser's help for instructions and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that with cookies disabled, the convenience of using our presentation can be greatly reduced.

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